Ohio Paranormal Exploration

& Research Society

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Floyd L. has been curious of the paranormal since he was a kid. He loved ghost stories and studying about ghosts. Him and some friends got into ghost hunting/investigations when they were in middle school. Floyd started O.P.E.R.S. in 2013 with his wife Tracey and best friend Thor. Floyd loves the history that you learn while doing/investigating/researching the paranormal or haunted sites. 

Tracey L. is married to Floyd L. She is the photographer/camera-woman for O.P.E.R.S.

She has been doing investigations for over a couple years now and loves the history behind the investigations.

Thor W, has been a life long friend of Floyd and is an investigator. 

All the members has their primary roles in the group during investigations, but they are all trained to do other aspects of the investigation if the needs arises.