Ohio Paranormal Exploration

& Research Society

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Ohio Paranormal Exploration and Research Society

We are a group of Paranormal Investigators, located in London, Ohio and travel anywhere we are needed.

We investigate everything from Cemeteries to Private Residences.

For a list of upcoming investigations, please check our calendar.

Follow us on Twitter @opers43140

2/4/15 We have been doing research on "Cathy's Hallow" at Deer Creek, Pickaway County, OH. Finding Some intersting information out. You can check out some of the stuff we have been finding out and some of the back stories here.


3/27/2014 We are currently looking into starting up a junior ghost hunters society. To let younger kids learn how to become ghost hunters. From training and understanding what ghost hunters are/do to going on investigations. Any info would be a great help.